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Sunday, July 8th 2012

3:28 AM

Topless 16 preteen


Related article: CITY SLAVE ========== Author: Anonymous He couldn't believe his eyes. This was the hottest looking man Sean had ever seen. Sean hoped he wasn't being too obvious, but he couldn't help but stare at the adonis who had stepped into the doorway of his office. He had jet black hair, blue eyes, square jaw -- a very handsome face. His body was also incredible. He was about 6' tall, with sharp sculpted features. Sean scanned every inch of rock hard body -- the well defined chest, the rippled abdomen, the contour of his perfect arms and the muscular curves of his granite butt. His eyes fell at last the to sizable basket in his semi-tight 501 blues. That hunk of man meat just stared for a moment, careful not to interrupt the meeting between Sean, Andy and Rob. underagepreteen At last he spoke in his rich, manly voice, "Hello, I'm Eric the new programmer Mr. Ruzoe hired. I'm supposed to see Andy for system orientation." Sean's heart sank when he realized that this perfect man didn't have any business with him. "Nice to meet you Eric, " said Andy, "I think we're done here, so if you'll follow me to my office, we can get started underagepreteen on your orientation." As soon as Andy and Eric preteen beautiful dreams left the office, Sean started probing Rob for details, but Rob didn't know anything about the new programmer. The days passed. Sean would occasionally run into Eric around the office, always being friendly, and Eric would respond in kind, but never more that was considered polite. It was about 10:00 pm on Friday. Sean had been working late to finish up some work so he could have the weekend free. His heart jumped when he stepped to the elevator waiting area and saw Eric standing there. "Hello Sean, you're working pretty late tonight." "You too, Eric, I thought you would be out getting preteen in pantyhoses a head start on your weekend." "Nope, not too much planned for this weekend," said Eric, "How about you? Big plans?" "I don't have anything planned either, but I'm sure I'll find some way to pass the time." Eric was silent for a few moments, then he looked directly into Sean's eyes and said, "What would you think about popping over my place for a bit. We could grab a couple beers, and see if we can come up with something to do." Sean was really surprised at that -- his fantasy man asking him to go home with him. Sean's lust showed in the reaction, and Eric, still staring directly into his eyes, was sure to pick up on it. "Great! bbslist preteens Sounds like fun. preteen models portals A cold beer preteen girl butt would sure hit the spot right about now." Sean hoped he didn't sound too enthusiastic. Eric's place was the bottom level of a two family building. On the way in, Sean learned that Eric had inherited the building from his parents and the top level was up for rent, but currently vacant. The living room was large enough, but sparsely furnished. There was a leather couch and a couple of uncomfortable looking wooden chairs with leather covered seat and arms. "Sit there," Eric said in a rather commanding tone, pointing to one of the wooden chairs. Sean sat down. Eric disappeared for a few moments and returned with a couple of cold beers. He handed both to Sean, "Here, open these", he said as he walked into the other room again. Eric came back into the room and sat down on the couch. "Hand me one of those cold ones", he said. Sean got up handed Eric the beer and sat down again. Sean was feeling a bit awkward, and Eric wasn't going out of his way to make him feel any more comfortable. In fact, it seemed like Eric easy innocent preteen was enjoying the tension on Sean's face. "RRRRRRRRRROOOPPPPHHHHHHH!" Sean jumped a foot. "What's that?", he said when he regained some of his composure. "It's my dog, Driller. I keep him down in the basement. He doesn't bark too much, but when he does you know it!" They sat for a few more moments in silence. Eric kept his gaze on Sean while Sean was squirming in his seat. Eric broke the silence. "So, was there something you wanted to ask me Sean? I notice you've been staring at me a lot in work, and was wondering if preteen model lollita there was something on your mind." "N-n-n-no Eric. I don't know what you preteens pedo teens mean." Sean was petrified. Eric wanted him to sweat. preteen amateur model "Every time I turn around your staring at me", he said, "and I want to know why." Sean was frozen, he couldn't answer. Eric got up off the couch and walked around the back of Sean's chair. Sean couldn't move -- he continued to stare forward. He felt Eric's breath at his ear. He spoke in a whisper, his tone was mocking. "Are you a little faggot-boy?" Sean was still frozen. He didn't know what to do or say. Eric grabbed a handfull of Sean's long brown hair, pulled his head back roughly, and put his face close to Sean's -- staring deep into his eyes. "Answer me, faggot-boy. Are you a man's bitch? Faggot-boy." "I... uh.. no... uh.. please.." Sean couldn't form a complete thought in his dazed mind. "You don't have to answer, faggot-boy, I preteen bondage bbs can see for myself." He released Sean's hair, moved in front of the chair and dropped his booted foot roughly into Sean's crotch. preteen and models Sean was underagepreteen now aware of the hard-on that had grown between his legs, and was trapped beneath Eric's dust covered, black boot. Eric removed his foot from Sean's crotch, grabbed him by the hair and pulled him from the chair. He dragged him, roughly, to the couch and pushed Sean down into a kneeling position. Sean was still dazed and didn't resist. Eric sat on the couch, bending forward, and guided Sean's face down onto one of his boots. As his lips touched the dusty leather, Sean was finally able to comprehend what was happening to him. He managed to yank his head free fasion preteen models of Eric's grasp and pull it from the boot. Sean tried to move away from Eric, but Eric was too fast for him. Eric thrust his leg out as Sean was trying to stand, and toppled him over onto the floor. He lunged forward off the couch, and planted his boot square on the middle of Sean's chest. He put his weight on it and made Sean gasp for air. "Listen you fucker. You have been begging for this since I first walked into your office. That bulge in your pants tells me what you want faggot, and I'm going to make you take it. You do EXACTLY what I say, or I'll hurt you real bad. Understand Fucker!" Sean hesitated, Eric applied more weight to his chest. "Answer me faggot. You understand?" "Y-y-yes", he gasped. "Yes what, boy?" Sean didn't answer, Eric reached undressing preteen girls down and slapped him across preteen little titties the face. "Yes what, you dumb asshole?" "Yes Sir!" Sean replied, giving in to his fate. "Good fuckboy, now you can start by cleaning the road dirt off my boot." Eric moved his boot from Sean's chest, and placed bbs preteen bestiality it directly on his face. "Lick it with your faggot tongue. Taste the dirt that I walk on boy. Lick it off the sole of my underagepreteen boot and eat it boy." Slowly, Sean opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. His tongue flattened against the bottom of his Eric's boot. He was licking the dirt off a man's boot... his master's boot. "Lick it good, boy," Eric taunted, "I don't give too many people the privilege of cleaning my boots with their tongue." Sean licked the bottom of his master's boot with long strokes. He felt the gritty dirt stick to his tongue, and he took the dirt from his master's boots into his body. After a couple minutes of this, Eric took his boot from his new slave's mouth. He reached nude preteens pixs down and pulled Sean up, awkwardly, to his feet. Sean was putty in his master's hands. Eric ripped Sean's shirt from his body, tearing off all of the buttons. He unbuckled Sean's belt and tore the front of his pants open. "Finish stripping", he ordered. Sean obeyed without hesitation. Eric sat back on the couch and put his booted feet out. "Now, down on your knees faggot boy, and finish cleaning this man's boots." Sean answered with, "Yes Sir", and went to work. He started by running his tongue across the top of one boot. As his tongue flattened against the dusty leather, it made a shiny trail where the dust stuck to his tongue and the leather came clean. He cleaned the boot's toe by swirling his tongue around on the surface. Then he licked with long strokes aling the sides of the preteen in pantyhoses boot -- first the outside, then the inside, paying careful attention to the instep by swirling his tongue around in the depression. Then he lay on his back, lifted the boot and slid it over his face so he could clean the back with his tongue. To finish, he turned over and licked up the sides of the boot with long strokes. Then Sean gave the other boot the same treatment. He felt humbled, yet excited at being made to clean the dirt from this man's boots with his tongue. "Stand up. Over here. Bend over and show me that bitch ass", Eric demanded. Sean obeyed. Eric began to slap Sean's butt. His strokes got harder as he began to hit with the preteen skinny models back of his hand. Sean jumped with each hard stroke, then started to use his hands to block Eric's attach on his reddening butt cheeks. Eric lifted his leg and planted a boot firmly on Sean's butt, pressing outward preteen puberty gallery and throwing him forward onto the ground. "You dare block my hand's you little shit", nn preteens agency he screamed, "Maybe you need a little discipline in keeping your hands where they belong!" Eric pulled Sean up by the hair, then got him in a headlock. He dragged Sean, stumbling, into the other room. He unbolted a door preteen and models and opened it to expose a stairway into the basement. He pushed Sean ahead of him, down the stairway. Sean descended into what looked like a medieval torture chamber. Now he was really scared. He tried to bolt past Eric and up the stairs, but Eric caught him with a punch in the gut, and he doubled over in pain. Eric wrapped his fist in Sean's hair and forced him over to a thick, squat wooden table. He threw Sean down onto the table and slid him forward so that his finger tips were inches away from the edge of the table, his legs hanging halfway off the end. The table had eight leather restraints firmly fastened to it. Eric locked the first two top-end restraints around Sean's wrists. Another set of restraints were located a little over a foot down from the wrist restraints. These were locked around Sean's arms, just in front of the elbow. Eric went to the foot of the table and slapped Sean's ass hard. "Get your legs up on there. Kneel fuckboy." Sean responded weakly, pulling his legs onto the table so he was in a bent-over, kneeling position. Another set of restraints were located at the foot of the table, very near the end. These were locked around Sean's ankles, leaving his feet slightly hanging off the table edge. Another set of restraints was located about a foot and a half up from the ankle restraints. These were locked just below the knee. Eric stood back to admire his work. Sean was now fastened securely to the low wooden table. He was in a kneeling position with his lower arms fastened tightly to the front of the table, and his lower legs fastened to the other end. This forced his ass up and back, completely volnerable to his master's whim. "Now lets see if you can learn to keep your hands in the proper place!" Sean was sweating now. He couldn't see what Eric was doing. There was a brief moment of silence and then... WAACCCKKKKK! He felt his ass burn with fire. WAAACCCKKKK! Eric was really laying it into him with a broad, flat leather strap. WAAACCKKKK! "Count it fucker", Eric ordered. "Please Sir", Sean begged. WAAACCKKKK! Harder this time. "You can beg all you want, preteen models portals boy, but you are getting 50 lashes, and they only count when you do!" WACCKKKK! "One", Sean wimpered. "Thank me for them boy." "Two Sir, Thank You Sir." WACCKKKK! "Three Sir, Thank You Sir." ...... When the count reached 50, Sean's ass was alive with sensation. Eric took pride in his work, and rubbed the glowing red butt-cheeks of his slave boy. With each stroke and squeeze, Sean grimaced with pain from his sensative ass. Eric moved to the head of the table. He moved his face close to Sean's and asked, "How does my little slave boy like his prize?" Eric was speaking in sensuous tones, breathing his hot breath in Sean's face. Eric licked his lips, and teasingly ran his tongue over his slave's lips. Tears were streaked down Sean's face. He hated this man... yet, at the same time, he felt love and respect for him. "Aw, is my little slave boy crying? Did your master hurt you boy? You have top50 preteen to learn to obey your master. I know just how to take the pain away from my little slave boy..." With that, Eric went up the stairs. Eric returned shortly with a jar of peanut butter and a butter knife. He proceeded to fish a big glob of peanut butter out of the jar and began to cover the exposed soles of Sean's feet with it. After spreading a thick layer over the bottoms of both feet, Eric packed it in between Sean's toes, then on the front of the toes and then up the sides and around the heel of each foot. Next, Eric went over to a door which opened into another area of the basement. Sean heard the excited movements of Eric's dog, Driller, as Eric let him out into the room. "Driller will make you forget all naughty lil preteen about your hot butt, little fuckboy. C'mon Driller, look what we have for you." He led Driller over to Sean's feet. Sean felt the hot breath of the dog on his legs, then he felt the long strokes of the dog's tongue on his feet. Sean topless 16 preteen couldn't hold back, as he was extremely ticklish, and began to beg histerically for mercy. "Please Sir," he said through torrents of laughter, "Please Sir, I'll do anything Sir, Please stop. Please!" "I told you I would take your mind off that burning butt, boy, Driller will stop after he's finished his treat." The torture continued for some 10 minutes before Driller had his fill. "Look at the nice work Driller did cleaning your feet. I think he deserves a reward, don't you fuck boy? I think we'll see what a real bitch you are... a dogs bitch!" First, Eric draped a leather sheet over Sean's back. "Driller gets a little wild sometimes when he's porking a bitch... I don't want him to damage the merchandise." Next, he took out a jar of clear-white jelly and rubbed it around Sean's asshole. "This will make you smell like a real hot bitch-in-heat, just the way Driller likes it!" Driller started to run around in a frenzy. Sean couldn't see what was going on... then he felt Driller up on his back. Something was tickling his asshole... then he felt pressure and realized what was happening. Eric was making him into a real bitch! Eric was mating him with his dog. Sean began to struggle with all his might. It was no use. The humiliation assaulted him in waves as he felt his asshole being filled with dog-dick. He felt that dog-dick 'drilling' his asshole, expanding and filling him as he brought pleasure to the dog, through his humiliation. His asshole was on fire again, as he felt the scratchy hair of Driller's hips ramming against his buns, and the dog cock filling him. Driller began to growl and dig his paws deep into the leather on Sean's back. At last Sean felt the final rabid thrusts as Driller filled his asshole with his cum. Driller remained on top of him a short time, pulling at his dog cock as it shrunk and finally popped out of Sean's topless indians preteens ass. Eric was doing preteen in pantyhoses something behind him. He couldn't tell exactly what. Then Eric came in front of Sean, holding a cup to Sean's lips. "Drink this", he said, as he forced Sean's head back by a firstfull of hair, and poured a small amount of some creamy substance down his throat. "Lick the cup." Sean obeyed, running his tongue inside the small cup. "Good boy. You make Driller real happy by drinking all of his cum." Sean gagged and felt sick to his stomach. He called Driller, and led him up onto the front of the table, sideways, by Sean's head. "Now clean his cock boy", he commanded to Sean. Sean turned away, "No! I won't do that. No!" Eric calmly reached over on the table and picked up a knife. He placed the knife at Sean's nipple and said, "I'll skin your body, starting wet little preteens by nude preteens pixs chopping off your nipples if you disobey me one more time." He emphasized by pressing the point into the flesh. Sean screamed, "Please Sir, I'll do anything. Please Sir." "Clean him", he commanded. Sean turned his head towards Driller, reached up under him and took his shriveled cock into his mouth. He cleaned the remaining dog cum and his own ass juices from the dog with his tongue. school panties preteens "You'll do anything I want now, won't you boy?" "Yes Sir", Sean said. He didn't dare disobey Eric anymore. "You know fuckboy, that beer we had is really starting to strain my bladder. I think it's time to start your toilet training." Sean immediately knew what Eric had in mind, even before Eric unzipped his fly and pulled out his semi-hard dick. "Open your urinal mouth toilet slave, and drink your master's piss." Sean was horrified at the idea of taking another man's waste.. his piss.. into his own mouth and swallowing it into his body. He opened his mouth, and wrapped it gently around Eric's man-meat. There was nothing else he could do. Eric was making him into a human toilet. How could this be happening? Strangely, this man's cock felt good in his mouth -- even natural. He gently sucked it, like a baby calf wanting its mother's milk. Then he tasted it. Salty, strong, pungent. He was drinking piss from a man's cock. He was drinking it into his gut. Hours ago, he was admiring this good looking man in his professional work environment, and now, here he was, bound, drinking piss from that man's cock. Piss was flowing so fast down his throat that he had trouble keeping up. Some of it dribbled out, down the sides of his mouth, then down his chest. "Drink it all", Eric said as he slapped Sean lightly on the cheek. At last the flow slowed and then stopped. Eric withdrew his cock. The taste of piss lingered on Sean's tongue. Eric retrieved a cock-gag from somewhere behind Sean, fastened it securely in Sean's mouth and left him alone in the basement. Some hours passed, at least it seemed like hours to Sean, before Eric returned. "I just had a very full dinner boy, and I think it's time for phase two of your toilet training." Sean didn't even want to think about what was to come. Eric unfastened him from the table, and moved him to onto a large wooden platform which was raised slightly off the floor. This platform had restraints positioned in such a way as to bind a person spread-eagle -- hands and ioomes stretched out to the corners of the platform. The platform had one larger restraint which buckled over the forehead to hold it in place. Another restraint was positioned so it could be buckled around the neck. Eric fastened Sean security in brazil young preteens place, face up. He then removed all of his clothing. This was the first time Sean saw his master naked. He was unbelievable! Sean knew he loved this man and would do anything that Eric wanted of him. Eric stood over Sean, looking into his eyes for a long moment. Then he moved his ass over Sean's face, and lowered it into place. Sean saw his masters hairy ass come closer and closer to his face. He longed to stick his tongue on his master's incredible asshole, and stroke it in long strokes with his flat tongue. He longed to stick his tongue up into that hole and bring Eric pleasure. Finally he felt the hair of Eric's asshole on his lips. He could smell the hot sexual aroma of this man, and that made his cock stand at attention. He reached out with his tongue and tasted his master from below. He licked and stroked. He wrapped his lips around the hole and gave it long deep kisses. He made love to his master's hole. Then, preteen puberty gallery suddenly his Eric dropped the full pressure of his ass on Sean's face. Sean's mouth was fully open, and locked in that position by the weight of Eric's ass. His lips surrounded the hole, and his tongue continued to probe. Then he felt something strange at the tip of his tongue. Eric shifted preteen skinny models backward and pulled his cock and balls out of the way so he could watch Sean's eyes. Eric relaxed his bowels and a long stiff preteen and models turd began it's journey into the human toilet below. Sean felt the massive bulk from Eric's asshole filling his mouth. The turd pressed against his tongue, flattening it. His mouth filled with the strong taste of man-shit. His nose was filled with the smell of shit as he took his master's solid waste into his mouth, down his throat and into his stomach. Sean was forced to chew on the vile mess as it filled his mouth. He gagged on the taste, but had to chew and swallow to get all of the turd out of his mouth, and down into his gut. Then he felt another, smaller turd drop into his mouth. "You're eating my shit, you human toilet, you're eating your master's shit!" He swallowed it whole. Finally it was done. underware model preteen Sean was lost in a flurry of emotion. He was humiliated beyond belief, but, at the same time, he was excited and filled with lust. "Clean me", his master commanded, "use your tongue as toilet paper." Sean reached up with his tongue and licked the remaining shit from Eric's asshole. When Eric was satisfied, he raised himself up off of his toilet slave. "You know, Driller hasn't taken a shit either tonight... and it's raining out... what do you think I should do boy?" Sean knew what his master had in mind, "Please preteen and models Sir, don't make me into a dog's toilet Sir. Please, I'll do anything, but don't make me do that Sir." "You know slave, that idea hadn't even crossed my mind. But! Since you brought it up, you must really want to be Driller's toilet too." Eric walked out of sight for a few minutes. He returned with Driller, and with a special bbslist preteens leather harness. Sean watched as Eric fastened the harness to Driller. The harness had one long main strap which ran down Driller's back. Two smaller straps fastened around the front and back part of the dog's body. A collar was attached to the front end of the main strap which went around Driller's neck. Driller's tail went through a metal ring that was attached to the back end of the main strap. One the other side of the tail ring was a short, wide two inch piece of leather that was attached to another collar. Two side straps came down at an angle from the main harness strap and attached on either side of this rear collar. Eric finished buckling Driller into the harness. Then he led Driller over to Sean, and backed the dog's ass over Sean's face. "Raise your head and throw it back", Eric said. "Sit", he said to Driller. Driller sat down right on Sean's face. Eric pulled the dog back into the proper position, then buckled Sean into the rear collar on the dog's harness. Sean was now locked in the collar with his head stretched back, mouth open, pressed tightly to preteen x pictures Driller's asshole. "Lick it", Eric said, while he fastened the front collar of the dog's harness to a floor ring with a short chain. Sean obeyed. Sean was getting very little pleasure from licking this dog's hairy pulsing asshole... but he did want to please his master, no matter how degrading it felt to clean a dog's ass with his tongue. Driller was fidgety, but he could move very little in the harness, and he seemed somewhat used to the predicament. Eric brought out a large bowl of food for Driller, and the dog sat happily, on Sean's face, eating his dinner. Eric left the room for about a half hour. When he returned, eh caught Sean taking a break from licking dog butt. Eric kicked Sean lightly in the side, "Who said you could take a break, boy? Driller should be just about ready to relieve himself now, and all he needs is a little stimulating. Reluctantly, Sean stuck his tongue out and pressed it to the dog's asshole, moving it in long flat strokes. It didn't take long before Sean felt something moving out of Drillers asshole. He opened his mouth wide, and felt the lose runny mass flooding into his mouth and covering his tongue. "Yeah, eat my dog's shit toilet mouth, eat it", Eric taunted as the dog's waste continued to fill his mouth. Sean fought eagerly to preteen model lollita take the dogs turds down his throat so it wouldn't fill his mouth and choke him. At last the dog was finished, and Sean instinctively reached up with his tongue to lick the dog clean. "Well boy", Eric said as he unhooked the collar from Sean's neck. "I think it's time to put you away for the night." Eric removed the harness from Driller first, and put him in the other basement room. Next he unfastened Sean from the platform. preteen girl butt He grabbed Sean by the balls and led him over to a 1 x 2 x 2-1/2 foot leather covered, wooden box. He slid the top panel of the box backward. "Kneel and place your cock and balls amateur brazilian preteens through here", he said as pointed to an indentation in the lip on the open side of the box. Just inside the box, under the indentation was a small leather restraint which Eric fastened around Sean's cock and balls. Then Eric slid the lid of the box shut. His cock and balls were now nude preteens pixs firmly trapped inside the box. "Now lie down over the box boy", he ordered. The box had leather restraints at each lower outside corner. Sean's arms were fastened to one set, and his legs to the other. He was now security fastened over the leather box. "I have a little surprise for you to keep you excited all night long, you cock loving faggot." Sean heard Eric dragging something heavy up behind him. Eric had this device specially made. It was a simple device. He found a variable speed motor at a local appliance repair store. This motor drove a 1/2 inch metal rod up and down. The motor was mounted sideways on a thick metal post which was held security to a heavy lead base. Eric had mounted a black leather dildoe to the motor's rod, thereby creating a variable speed fuck machine. He moved the fuck machine up school panties preteens behind Sean. Sean felt the pressure of the black leather dildoe at his asshole. Eric slid the fuck machines forward until the dildoe was about 4 inches inside Sean's asshole. Eric switched on the machine. "Yeah, ride that sucker fuckboy", he encouraged as Sean was noticeably pressing back onto the leather fuckrod plunging into his anus with a steady rhythm. Eric wanted to see how much his boy could take as he slowly increased the speed of the fuck machine. The fuckrod was sending incredible vibrations through Sean's entire body. The friction was heating up his asshole. His mind raced over all he had been through with his master. He had served as a preteen girl butt dog's bitch, then as his master's toilet, and finally as a dog's toilet. Now he was being fucked by a huge preteen beautiful dreams leather fuckrod. The sensation was too much. His balls were boiling. WAMMM! Incredible vibrations swept over his body as the juice pumped from his cock. Spasm after spasm of electricity passed through his body. Release at last! The orgasm over, he began to feel the pressure of the fuckrod which still pummeled his asshole. "Master", he cried, "Please stop it. I can't take the feeling anymore. It's too much." Eric tgp preteen porn turned the fuck machine down to a slower pace. "That's the price you pay for the privilege of serving me boy. I'll be back down in the morning when your hole is nice and tender. Then we'll talk about it..." TGC SERVICES Data: 812-284-1321 9600 v.32 Data: 812-284-5465 14.4 HST fasion preteen models An ALL ADULT BBS! - Clarksville, IN Running WILDCAT! and TOMCAT! 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